Stay Hydrated with LaF Water Bomb Ampoule

Ampoules are a great addition to a skincare routine because it works almost the same way as serums do except ampoules are just a step above serums when it comes to improving the skin instantly. I’ve been neglecting my skin for quite a bit and it’s become dehydrated especially since I spend many hours a day in a dry environment with the AC on blast. I’ve been using the Water Bomb Ampoule from a Korean brand called LaF (or Lost and Found) for a little over a week now (thanks to Tammy @ Butterfly Project) and I’m glad to share what I think of it so far! Continue reading “Stay Hydrated with LaF Water Bomb Ampoule”


Rejecting my first job offer after graduation and why it was the best decision.

I graduated in July 2017 with a degree in Linguistics and Literature. The most common reaction I would get from relatives and strangers upon hearing that statement would be “Oh, so you’re gonna be a teacher?”  Continue reading “Rejecting my first job offer after graduation and why it was the best decision.”

Stunning Sunbathing Spot in Kuala Lumpur | The Swimming Club @ KL Journal Hotel

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, this stunning rooftop pool on the 11th floor of the KL Journal Hotel in Bukit Bintang will make your heart skip a beat with its Retro style decor and eye-catching Instagrammable corners. Order a couple of delicious cocktail drinks from its unique bar and whip out your camera to get the perfect shots for your summertime photo album. Continue reading “Stunning Sunbathing Spot in Kuala Lumpur | The Swimming Club @ KL Journal Hotel”

Quarter-life crisis?

I miss writing whatever and post it to this blog without a care in the world about what people think of me. I’ve just turned 24 on September 21st and I have been feeling somewhat anxious about the path I’ve chosen for myself. I feel like I’m under some kind of pressure to be the perfect 24-year-old who has achieved and done a lot for others. But I don’t know if my achievements are enough or if they even matter anymore. Continue reading “Quarter-life crisis?”

Re-visiting Penang Island | 2 days 1 night

Penang always has a special place in my heart. When I was younger I was more comfortable calling myself a Penangite (despite being born and raised in Kuala Lumpur) considering that my mother is a true Penang-born and I had spent a considerable amount of time with my relatives living on the island. But I had never seen Penang from a tourist point of view. Not until recently when I had travelled to the island with my colleagues for work. Continue reading “Re-visiting Penang Island | 2 days 1 night”

I set myself free in Bali | 5 days 4 nights

An impromptu trip to Bali has turned out to be one of the best decisions I made this year considering how meticulous I can be when planning a trip. And this time around, I let things run its course and I ended up not having any worries about the trip which has made me really happy! Read on about my short but fulfilling journey in Bali! Continue reading “I set myself free in Bali | 5 days 4 nights”

Here We Go Again! @ Aqua Restaurant & Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur

My team and I would have a team bonding day every month, and each time we would set a theme depending on our activity for the day! Mamma Mia’s sequel: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again came out on July 18th after a 10-year wait since the first movie came out. Since we’re huge Mamma Mia fans, we decided on outfits inspired by the movie and to have an amazing lunch at Aqua Restaurant & Bar in KL before going to the cinema to watch the sequel. Continue reading “Here We Go Again! @ Aqua Restaurant & Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur”